In conjunction with KLB Publishers, Dodoma, I have been working on the translation of some Christian books into Swahili language as part of my service for the wider church of the Lord Jesus Christ in East Africa.

Calling Christian Leaders: Biblical Models of Church, Gospel and Ministry

image of the book front page

John Stott has found in his travels that contemporary models of Christian leadership are often shaped more by culture than by Christ. In stark contrast, he urges that our view of leadership must be determined by our view of the Church, and not the other way round. He demonstrates how central is the theme of ‘power through weakness’. He expounds the role of the Holy Spirit in God’s revelation, and he examines four of Paul’s most striking models of ministry, each of which is an aspect of humility. Over against seductive styles of Leadership being advocated by the wisdom of the world, John Stott urges Christian leaders to be characterised above all else by ‘the meekness and the gentleness of Christ’.

John Stott is one of the world’s leading and most loved Bible teachers, preachers, writers, pastors and mission-leaders. He is the author of many books including the best-selling “Basic Christianity”. He is Rector Emeritus of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, President of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and Founder-President of the Langham Partnership International.

This work was completed in 2007 and published in 2008 in Swahili with the title Wito wa Viongozi wa Kikristo.


Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership

image of book front page

It is not enough merely to have an eldership; the eldership must be actively functioning, competent, and spiritually alive.

With over 190,000 copies sold, this comprehensive look at the role and function of elders brings all the advantages of shared leadership into focus. Beginning with the four broad categories of eldership (leading, feeding, caring, and protecting), Biblical Eldership explores the essential work of elders, their qualifications (including why qualifications are necessary), their relationships with each other, and each of the biblical passages related to eldership. Written for those seeking a clear understanding of the mandate for biblical eldership, this full-length, expository book defines it accurately, practically, and according to Scripture.

Alexander Strauch was raised in New Jersey and converted to Christ at a Bible camp in New York State. He received his undergraduate degree from Colorado Christian University and went on to earn his Master’s in Divinity degree from Denver Seminary.

For over thirty years he has served as an elder at Littleton Bible Chapel. Additionally, he has taught philosophy and New Testament literature at Colorado Christian University. A gifted Bible teacher and popular speaker, Mr. Strauch has helped thousands of churches worldwide through his expository writing ministry. He is the author of the now-classic works Biblical Eldership and The New Testament Deacon. Mr. Strauch and his wife, Marilyn, reside near their four adult daughters in Littleton, Colorado.

Thanks to Lewis and Roth Publishers for this biographical information.

This is still a work in progress.  I have a target of completing the first draft of the translation by June 2010.

The African Bible Commentary in Swahili

This is not my work but I am pleased to see that Langham Partenership International have been able to help in making this tremdous resource available for the Swahili church.  About 50 million people in East Africa use or know Swahili so this is another excellent resource for the Christian church there.  The launch of the new Swahili Title, Ufafanuzi wa Biblia katika Mazingira na Utamaduni wa Kiafrika, took place on February 22nd, 2010.


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20 10 2010
Sukesh Pabari

Hi Allan,

Good to hear that you are involved in translating books into Swahili, I am doing the same in Nairobi. You can find details of our books at rebmik.org let me know if we can help you with Swahili literature.

In Christ


5 05 2012

I sponsor a 16 year old girl in Tanzania and I would love to send her some reading material in Swahili but am having trouble finding any! Have you finished any books yet, and if so, where can I get a copy?
Also, I tried the link above left by Sukesh and it didn’t work for me….
Thanks so much!

16 05 2013

PO BOX 2629 MERU 60200 KENYA
Email nenolauzima@gmail.com
www; wordkenya.org
Dear friends
Appeal for evangelistic resources
Word of Life Ministry is a non denominational full gospel evangelistic ministry established in Kenya in 2009.It is committed to reach out to the East African communities through Bible training and Bible Correspondence study. We have a Correspondence class of over 500 from different parts of East. Africa. This ministry is enabled to carry its evangelistic work through gifts from Christian friends and partners. Translation of Christian literature in Kiswahili and indigenous languages is part of this ministry we would always be happy to assist with a translation in Kiswahili language for East Africa. We also have a department on Muslim evangelism in our outreach.
Our small Bible training center which is run on rented building that is in need of books to be used in teaching God’s servants.
We are therefore appealing to you for a donation of literature of your publication to use in teaching and establishing the servants of God to be effective in the ministry. Any material donation in English and Swahili can be sent through the address above or below.
Your kind support would be highly appreciated
In His exciting service
Director WOLMK
PO BOX 2629 MERU 60200 -KENYA

14 02 2014
Esther Lee


I came across this blog post and read that you have translated John Stott’s book “Calling Christian Leaders” into Swahili. I am wondering if you know where I can purchase the Swahili translations of that book? Thanks!

14 02 2014

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am afraid it is a little neglected these days. The Swahili version of Stott’s book is Wito kwa Viongozi wa Kikristo is available from various stockists in EA but the puiblishers were Kanisa la Biblia, Dodoma, Tanzania. They may be able to help you. Blessings (Ubarikwe!).

17 02 2014
Sammy Murimi

Mr. McKinnon,

Thank you for all your great work! Do you know if anyone has started translation of John Stott’s book “Basic Christianity” into Swahili yet?


Sammy Murimi

17 02 2014

Sammy, I cannot be certain if Basic Christianity has been translated. I have been out of the country for several years now and not sure of the developments in the Christian book market.

17 02 2014
Sammy Murimi

Thank you very much, Mr. McKinnon, for your quick response. Kindly let me know should you hear of any development on the subject. In the meantime, I’ll keep on inquiring from other potential sources.

21 07 2014
Pastor Joseph Kazungu Chivatsi.

Mungu Akubariki sana ndugu Allan kwa hiyo huduma yako.Naweza kukipataje hicho kitabu?

21 07 2014

Pastor Chivatsi, Thank you for your comment. I think the books in Swahili are widely available in Tanzania. If you cannot source them, then the publishers, KLBT in Dodoma can let you know how you can access them, I am sure. Every blessing.

27 02 2015
Vernon Smith

Hi Allan, I am Vernon Smith in Arusha Tz. I am thrilled to hear that Biblical Eldership is being translated. Is it available now in Kiswahili? If so where? KLB perhaps. Thanks and God Bless!

3 03 2015

Good to hear from you. Unaendeleaje!? You will see that my blog has not been updated in a long time. I am sorry for that. I have done a considerable amount of work on the BE translation but it remains incomplete and unpublished. I did send the initial work to KLB but the trail has gone cold. Your email comment has prompted me to look to other resources in exploring publishing. If anything transpires I will keep you posted. God bless you in your ministry in Arusha. Wako katika Bwana, Allan

20 05 2015
Multilingual Endeavors LLC

Habari gani?

At Multilingual Endeavors LLC, Denver Colorado, we are currently looking for two Swahili-English interpreters, by Thursday, May 21, do you have any suggestions?

Asante sana.

The Multilingual Endeavors Team

20 05 2015

I am sorry I do not have anyone in the Denver area that I could recommend. Pole sana!

11 10 2016
Omaru Djalo Abreu

I would like to contact you by email Mr. Mckinnon.

13 10 2016

Please let me know why, in brief.

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